Timing. or should we say fate?

One second more or ¬†one minute less and things could potentially be completely different. Timing is natural. It’s not set and planned, it just happens. Yes, some things are planned e.g coffee at 11:30. But timing comes into play and effects this. You get every red light and end up there at 11:40 or the opposite and turn up early. You turn up a couple of minutes early and the love of your life bu,ps into you. You get those red lights and he doesn’t. Timing is everything..

The spontaneous need for adventure, the busy day at work and the well needed coffee, the quick trip to the grocery store. All of this happens and although we as humans aren’t aware, timing makes the difference of our lives. In a way, timing controls our fate. Where we end up, with who and what with. Timing is everything and allows everything to change in this one minute.



Everything in life can be changed within just one minute. This may be for the better or for the worse. Either way, whether we like it or not, it happens.. life steps in and things change.